How to cut vinyl plank flooring

                          The basic need for vinyl plank flooring has increased nowadays and the cost of installation has increased tremendously. But with some effort and time, you could cut and install this kind of flooring in an afternoon. The procedure for cutting the plank flooring depends upon the size of the room. click here

how to cut vinyl plank flooring


                         Using a knife measure and cut off the tongue of first row of the vinyl plank flooring and set the plank on the starting side of the wall and the cut end facing the wall maintaining a gap. Hold the next plank and place it as the previous one. To fit the last piece cut with a knife and push it down.

                      Now for the second row distribute up to 6 inches to fit in. Insert the first piece to half to the length of the first plank. Repeat the same process as in the first paragraph. Cut the plank according to the measurements of the room and fix them at 6 inches gap between the wall.

                        Most wonder why would anyone want to know how to cut vinyl plank flooring when experts are available to do it. Yet the need of money and labor is so much and to avoid it, to learn cutting and fixing of plank wood.

                      Now the ending touches are given by sticking transitions all over the ends of the floor to give a new look to the floor.

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